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Hello World! Let's bring home the bacon!


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Hello fellow sellers and buyers of Fiverr!

I’ve been lurking the forums in-between projects the past few days and decided to just pop in to introduce myself and confirming that I do indeed exist! 😮 I’ve only been a member of Fiverr for about a month, but have already had a few amazing clients to work with on here. And while I’m an experienced writer and freelancer, I am only just beginning my journey of offering my services to those in need on this platform.

I’ve only got 1 gig up so far, but have a few others in the works that I’ll hopefully get up and running soon. My goal is to climb my way through the ranks and become a top rated seller on the site and always give 110% no matter what!

I’m looking forward to growing and sharing my experiences as well as some hopefully helpful tips to others in the near future. So, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a wonderful day!

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