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Few Tips for New Fiverr Sellers


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One of my good friend remarked on me saying holy cow.

Most of the new fiverr seller is supposed to be meek like cow. You might see small cow’s image besides your name if you are new fiverr seller.

I felt little offended but I took that as a challenge and now I have returned into the Firerr Forum after a month earning the batch of Level 1 Seller.

Never underestimate your potential what the crowd may shout.

Rely on your strength and improve upon that to get the best out of Fiverr.

I am thankful to all buyers who supported me in my venture of providing quality writing and editing services.

Their support has made me evolve over the last month and now I too can assist new fiverr buyers and sellers.

As a proof of my increased status, I am attaching a snapshot of my profile.

Thanks you once again my Friends!


:bz :bz :bz :bz :bz

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