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What is my imperfection for not getting any order?


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It is been weeks that I have created 7 gigs, Two of them are old and rest 5 are new.
In the beginning, there was not appearing any Buyer Request. Sometime it was around 2/3 only and Unfortunately, most of them were 20-30% in my sector and 80% was out of my skill.

I did twice or thrice time Gig Sharing at Twitter.
After adding some more skill I got some more Buyer Request. I sent 5 Buyer Request till now. Because I did not want to take risk of order cancellation.

During these time I got 3 direct knocks from Buyer. First one had hired someone because I am new and he talked about this.

The second one was not conscious about his project he is concern about price, He wants to order from the package with one additional work, which will be insane price, He was not interested to order by custom order.

And the third one was asking for custom orders but don’t even telling how many pages the website will be and his budget, I asked him twice.

I have completed the local clients’ job, which was a good deal but its tough to depends on the only local market, But after months of reading and trying I’m feeling very much frustrated now.
It seems I don’t know the work that’s why I’m not getting the job.
I know you the mates are very helpful. Sometimes you comment some others post I try to follow them. But don’t know about my Career at Fiverr.
I don’t believe in Luck but this time happens

This is my Fiverr Profile(Given Below). Assist me, Suggest me, do constructive controversy or whatever will help me to prove my strength at Fiverr


Thanks for your patience.
Wish you all the best.

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Hi nirob don’t be concerned for not getting any order. fiverr want to take a long time . i see your gigs you just change your gig price… your gig price is very less … and send the buyer requests and be online every day . Best of luck 🙂

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