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Why don't I get orders yet


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why don’t I get orders yet.I joined to fiverr in May month but still yet I have not any orders yet. I share my gig lot of places which means social media like facebook,twitter,google+,linkedin…So why I get nothing from fiverr buyers.

please watch my gig and inform any issue on my gig.

Thank you

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I see that there are some gramatical errors on your gigs. You might want to fix those.

Try and send as many buyer requests as you can.

ok .I will fix my grammatical errors. I tried to send many buyer request but they is no buyer request at all. some day I have saved my 5 or 6 offers in day. please give me reason why was that happen to me.

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When the account is new, you won’t get that many requests.
It also depends on the time I guess. We are based in Romania and sometimes we get request when it’s 1AM our time.
Make good offers, try and search for customers on social media. Get those first reviews and the buyers will come. 😄
It’s hard when you start but once you get the ball rolling it will be easy.
Also don’t stick to one gig. Make more.
Good luck.

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