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I need buyers!


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When I deliver an order, I say something like this: "Your order is ready! Let me know if you need any modifications. If you accept it, I would appreciate a positive review from you as this helps promote my gigs here on fiverr. Thank you for choosing me and have an awesome day!"

After that, I do not expect them to leave a review. It’s a fact of life: some people will leave a review–others won’t. Leave it at that. All you can do is politely request it at the moment of delivery.

Also, you don’t compete ONLY on your work. You are also being judged by the way you service a person. This has nothing to do with fiverr, and more to do with being polite and a pleasant person.

Here are my tips:

  1. connect your smartphone to fiverr. As soon as a new order or message arrives, RUN to respond ASAP! Let the buyer know you care by responding promptly. Waiting too long makes them think you are too busy for them.

  2. Follow up. This means chat with them a bit before delivering your work. Ask them specifics about what they expect. Clarify anything you might not be clear on. In other words, don’t just get a gig…stay quiet for 4 days…then deliver without saying anything. STAY CONNECTED with them. Talk. Ask. Be HUMAN.

  3. impress them. If they ask for something, give them a little more. If you draw, give them 2 versions of it, not just 1, for example. They will think of YOU next time and not the competition.

  4. Don’t expect on fiverr to promote you all the time. Blog about what you provide, or post else where. Maybe try posting on classified ad websites. When you do, don’t be boring. Use one or two pictures, maybe show your smiling/friendly face. Talk about not only what you will do, but your service (deliver fast, high quality, you stay in touch, you have positive ratings by over 100 buyers, etc).

  5. The way you think. Your mindset. Don’t be stuck in “give me, give me, give me”. Money doesn’t show up because you tell the customer to pay you. They will pay, and very happily and abundantly, when you focus on THEM (not on YOUR money). Think of ways to give your work delivered, then give a little extra something to make them come back for more. Don’t expect anything in return when you do.
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