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Buyer Wants To Cancel... And, Waiting Turns It Into An Order


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I recently had an issue where a buyer ordered my rewrite gig. Due to the load I usually I have (typically multiple orders), my turnaround time is the maximum (29 days). He ordered and immediately wanted to cancel because of this. However, I suggested that I could complete his work in the timeframe he needed but he wanted to cancel anyway.

Fast forward two days and about 5 hours before the cancellation would have been marked complete automatically, he ended up writing back telling me he had a bad experience with another provider with the material and asked me if I could rewrite the article for him. Score! I told him to give me until Sunday and that I could. I sent it in Sunday night just before the new episode of The Walking Dead.

I awoke a few minutes ago to learn that he posted a positive review for the service…

In this case, my holding out to cancel turned into a satisfied buyer… I’m delighted that I just didn’t agree with the cancellation, for two key reasons:

1 - I saved myself another cancellation hit.

2 - I ended up making the buyer happy.


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