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New user and How i got my first buyer in three days through buyer request

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Hello i am new i created my gig 4 days ago and i got my first sale through buyer request.

I am not advising any body how to get buyer request as it was my 6th buyer request and after that i send 13 more with no luck. So altogether i send 19 request and got one sale. Just want to make sure i am not advising I am describing the process how i got that one.

First thing i kept in mind that when some body post buyer request they already done their research. They are not sure which one to buy. So i always kept in my mind that buyer may be talking with with me, but i am still competing with seller who have thousand of sale and reviews. and that’s the reason i went extra miles to explain every thing i chatted with that person 2+4=6 hours + i gave him the complete road map even before he placed and order(3 hours) altogether 9 hours.

These three point are advice for new seller–

  1. Put your self in buyer position and think which is more attractive person with thousand of positive reviews or person with zero review. So remember you are still competing.

  2. Buyer request are frustrating most of the time their are no buyer request. But ask your self if you are new do you have better options? Point is don’t give up keep on sending buyer request, first few always going to be difficult.

  3. If you want advice on any topic, you can create new topic or you can search your topic. As if you create new topic you only going to get 3-4 comment but if you search it. you are going to read 20-30 comment and 3-4 different scenario, so keep that in mind their is search options and i think that is far more better.

I think this will motivate new seller – The amount which i got with the offer is three times the average order in my gig and 5 times what i was expecting. So not only buyer trusted me he trusted me 3 times more than average and 5 times more than my expectations.

Thank you note for the people who advice others – This is the thank you note for every one, who posted advice for other people. I already knew it going to be tough, but because i read advice from other people i knew it going to be really really tough so i was prepared for it so thank you every one who advice others as read them and it helped.

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