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Please Work on the "ENTER IS SEND" feature


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Hi Everyone.

I guess it’s been like ages since I last posted here on the forum.

Well, I’m much of a ‘read-all posts by other people’ type of guy.

I have been loving the new inbox features all the way and I know it’s the same for most of you out there. But something really got me not too long ago and I felt if it’s worth it, then it can be looked into and fixed.


When I’m composing a new message, I like to keep things simple and organized. So for the most time, I use the ‘enter’ to create a new line. However, I would like to see myself using the ‘Enter’ key to send the message right away rather than hitting the ‘Send’ key.

So today, I was about to do that when I saw pressing enter will send a new message, and a little footnote which reads;

press shift+Enter to start a new line.

Then I got all worried because I felt this experience is sort of backward imo.

My Solution:

Perhaps FIverr should keep the Enter key to create a new line, and then the shift+enter to send messages right away.

I believe this should work.

What do you think?

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