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The week of the Lindsey Stirling/ Evanescence concert in St. Louis, I had someone message me about rewriting an article. Considering I was booked and wouldn’t be able to do it until some time after I got back, I quoted then a price of $10 and in 10 days. My normal gig is $10 in 15 days based on my workload (and I do get a bunch of bulk orders, even now).

He tells me he needs it much sooner than that, but there was no way I could do it like he wanted. I had planned on being gone all weekend long (I mean Lindsey Stirling people). I was driving 4 hours out of the way to go see this woman in concert. I apologized and told him there was no way I could it before the concert and wished him well.

Now, same client comes back to me two weeks later - for the same exact project. (THOUGHT HE NEEDED IT FASTER!) Granted, it would appear my schedule is less hectic but looks can be deceiving. I have other work through my own site plus the family to take care and I’m getting ready for back to school crapola (yep, mere two weeks away folks!)

Things are just as busy, and since he wanted sooner than 10 days last time, I quoted him the price of $25… $10 for the article and $15 for the extra fast option of 5 days or less. He’s like why is it so much more now than before. He was like it was only so and so for the first time around.

First off, I was busy and unable to do any work in 5 days or less the first time so I gave you a quote of $10 in 10 days (Given that it would have been $15 but I was being nice). You said you needed it sooner and I couldn’t do it in that time frame.

Secondly, circumstances have changed. I have other work to contend with but can slide you in for the 5 days but the cost is $25. No way, am I going to let my $100+ customers wait for their work if you’re only going to pay me $10 to be done in 5 days.

What I think he was hoping was that by waiting two weeks my workload would have changed and I could have it done within less time than 10 days for the same price. Sorry, things don’t work like that. I told him that the $25 guaranteed him a turnaround of 5 days or less. Without it, it could be up to 10 or more days based on what I had going on. Without an extra fast, I go in the order I get the material. Why should your work be more important than my other clients who abide by the gig requirements?

Now, he’s messaged me again, saying $25 is excessive for a one-page article. I haven’t said anything yet to it. I’ve already told him that I felt it was best to find someone else to work with if my pricing doesn’t work before that message. Besides, if it were that important two weeks ago, then why didn’t he have it done while I was on “out of town?” It obviously wasn’t as important as he made it out to be or he’d have found someone else to assist him. Many great Fiverr writers on here.

What do ya’ll think?

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