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Customer belittles your work

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Got a customer who wanted me to create a Mailchimp template she told what she wanted and I said I will do it.

Some of the images are gif. In the beginning she wanted the main image to have sparkles. THAT IS ALL SHE ASKED. I said no problem.

Then for the IG image she wanted to use some of her images and make it like a slideshow, a bit challenging for me but I did it and it’s one of my best work.

Now after I have sent her a sample, she said she wanted the main image to be constantly changing and that each image should have sparkle. I told her that is challenging for me. and then she comes and says " why is this hard for you? you can’t do it? I did it in 10 minutes and TBH I can do this myself. "

-_- already I can see she’s a headache. I told her I can do it, it’s just challenging and I can create gif, I sent you a custom IG Gif just for her, that shows that I can do it.

Either way, I’m seeing she’s one of those customer and I’m not begging her for anything. If she can do the job herself, go right ahead. She asked to cancel the gig and it got canceled.

I’m thinking that in the future when I get these type of customer, before I cancel the gig, I should delete my work since I didn’t get paid.

Do you think this is fair or am I being petty?

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I think it is only fair to delete your work and not send it to the client if s/he is not paying for the services rendered. There is nothing petty about it. It is your work! It’s your choice.

Thanks. I’ll do that in the future. Just wanted to make sure that I’m not being unprofessional.

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