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Level Evaluation Determination The Same Month After Month

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Hi everyone,
Every month I meet the requirements for a promotion to TRS, but month after month I continue to be informed that I am remaining at Level 2. I receive the same exact email every time (perhaps you do as well?):

"After reviewing your profile and Gigs, we’ve decided you will remain at a Level Two status for the time being.

While maintaining the high standards required for this status, we always encourage you to grow and improve. Your account will be evaluated on the 15th of each month, so you can continue on working hard towards earning a promotion.

Here are a few things you can do, to better collaborate with buyers and improve your stats:

  1. Review your Gig to make sure it’s accurate, and that you’re offering things you can deliver at a high quality.

  2. Make sure you offer only one Gig per unique service. Duplicating your Gig is misleading and won’t benefit your business.

  3. Review your pricing and make sure it’s aligned with your offering.

  4. Make sure you represent yourself and your skills accurately.

  5. Communicate clearly and quickly, both when chatting in the inbox or during orders.

  6. Make sure you keep our community safe by following our TOS.

For more information, please view your stats or contact our customer support team.
Good luck,
The Fiverr Team"

I have a 100% response rate, 100% order completion, 100% on time delivery, 5.0 rating, < 1 hour average response time, Zero TOS violations. Can’t get much better than that.
Since first receiving this message back in January, I have tweaked my gig many times, created a new gig video, etc in hopes of satisfying their requests, but I continue get the same email month after month. The fact that I have made the changes they suggested but continue to receive the same copied and pasted email each month greatly devalues Fiverr’s “encouragement” IMHO.
Curious to hear what my fellow sellers have to say about this…
Thanks everyone 🙂

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