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I am new on Fiverr want some tips to get the work


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Recently i open a fiverr gig to get the freelancer job. This gig is created based on the accounting, bookkeeping in quickbooks and excel to get the freelance job.

Give me advise to make the gig attractive and get the job.

Best regard

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First, it’s up to you to decide how much you charge. Second, on Fiverr you typically sell gigs as a whole service or a milestone within a service. You don’t need to charge by an hour for most things. You charge by what you offer in your gig. If you happen to be in a category where you really do need an hourly rate, you should look up industry standards, figure out if you are a beginner/intermediate/expert and charge accordingly. Most people expect Fiverr sellers to work at least a little below industry standards and if you are brand new, possibly a lot less until you have a reputation. In the long run, though, it is all up to you.

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30 minutes ago, asma2004 said:

My GIG impressions are going down from the last three weeks. Earlier it was above 35 now it is 18 k .

Requesting the expert to suggest me improve it.

It's an algorithm of fiverr, fiverr gives everyone a chance. Don’t worry your gig will rank soon

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