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Can I change my current PayPal from fiverr to a new PayPal?


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Is there any way to change current PayPal associated to my fiverr account? Is there any risk if I change my PayPal address?

Hay alguna forma de cambiar PayPal actual asociado a mi cuenta fiverr? ¿Existe algún riesgo si cambio mi dirección de PayPal

pudiste cambiar, busco la misma solucion a ese problema

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There’s no problem changing your PayPal address, however I advice you not to use a PayPal address associated with another fiverr account as this goes against Fiverr’s TOS, if you have a family member on fiverr and you both want to share the Paypal address, I would advice you to open a ticket to Fiverr Customer Care and wait for their response

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