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New Pc and Connect to it fiverr Profile in same Google chrome user?


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Hi All,
I have bought a new Pc and i want to connect my fiverr account to it.Also in same Google chrome user!
I need a advice, because i use

  1. My Laptop(First logging device)
  2. Mobile Device(Always Online)
  3. New Pc

all devices are wil connect same time,
Does It affect any issue to my Fiverr Profile??

What do you Think? anyone already been use this like above??

Should i contact CS for this?

Thank you!😀

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Thank you for reply! Do you use your Profiles like this?

Yes! I Do. I Have 4 Pc Connect with the same Ip…You Can Connect to any Ip But Never Use 2 Fiverr Id’s On Same Machine…It Will Block Your Account

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