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Need experts advises


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Hello hope you all are doing well,
Today I just completed my all requirements of LEVEL 2,
Now there are some things which I want to discuss and appreciate if experts give their feedbacks,

  1. this is my sixth month so far I am serving the Fiverr community, Am I going in the right direction? Or Am I slower? really confused about it.

  2. 2k in 6 months, It’s a good average or not? my average selling price is around 48. I completed level 2 requirements on my 52 order,

  3. I am only getting orders on 1 gig (link given). I will appreciate, If you take a look at my profile and give feedbacks that why I am not getting orders on the rest of my gigs, this point is the most important one, and I am really stuck here,

  4. Love you all

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