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Profile or Gig Link posting in the form


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Hello everyone,

I am new to Fiverr only got 3 orders.

I don’t know much about Fiverr rules & need some help from our experts/users on following:

  1. Can I share my profile link or Gig link on this Forum?
  2. is there any restriction for sharing profile or gig link or not?
  3. Can one visit my profile from my this Username (here on the forum)?
  4. Can any senior member please review my profile & gigs to improve them?

Looking forward to your kind response & guidance.

Warm Regards:

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Your answers are here:

  1. No, this forum is not for promotion.
  2. Yes,
  3. Yes,
  4. Though I’m not a senior member but if you want I can review your profile.

@ashleymarks Thanks for your reply.

You know much more than me So for me you are senior 🙂

I will be happy if you plz review my profile & gigs.

How can I share my profile link with you for review?

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