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Something really neat happened to me today : D


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I know this is not really Fiverr related and I’m sorry if this is off topic, but I’m really happy and I want to talk to someone about this, life isn’t all complaints and problems after all.

So, some of you may remember some time ago I mentioned in a post that I was working in a localization.

It was not a paid job;

I always wanted to work in localizing games, its fun, allows for some creativity and comes with a free game 😉

so I volunteered to work for free on Reddit for the experience, reference, and my name on the credits.

This guy accepted this, and I worked a week on his game, slowly localizing it. It was fun, lots of sci-fi stuff.

I delivered the project and we talked a bit, he said I could use any image I wanted on my portfolio and would give me a nice review on Proz. I was happy with that.

But today, SURPRISE! He decided to pay me!

Full price too!

Unexpected extra income YAI!


Not gonna lie, this one felt really nice.


Thats about it, bye guys.

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