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How to say no to a client; I dont know if i did this right but

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Just earlier today someone contacted me about subtitling a video (40 min) in 24 hours, he was in a hurry, and I was a couple days without sales, so, YAY! right?

WRONG, I am busy with a transcription project and a large translation, both long-term, and there is no way I could do it in 24 hours in this schedule, in 48 maybe, in 72 for sure, but not in 24.

so, I apologized, said I couldn’t do it this time, asked him to keep me in mind for future projects and told him that if he favorited my gig I would give him a discount next time.

seeing as he did favorite my gig and sent me a smile emoticon I think it worked well.

What do you guys think? good? bad? run away to Canada and change my name to George?

how did I do?

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You did the right thing 😉
Im sure that the client wont be happy with the 24 hrs result… for a 40min video
Ive been in your shoes several times for a couple of reasons and saying “NO” is the best way to keep your seller status and good ratings. So in general - There is no in freelancing too. We have to know well our abilities and organize our time well to make our clients happy, right?

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