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How do new people push their gigs


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Hi Miki,You can use more things for that…1 ) use right keywords for tags 2 ) Unique tittle 3 ) Great Description 4 ) Eye catching images,samples 5 ) share your gig on your social networks 6 ) Gig video … to get your gigs top,you can use right keywords and unique tittle…other things will be help you to get more sales…Hope you a Great Future ! 🙂

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Hi Miki,

There’s many threads on the forum with tips for improving sales if you do a search for them.

You are in a competitive and popular field for Fiverr. If there’s some way to perhaps target one specific area of SEO and create a gig for that it may help get your foot in the door, so to say.

There are also a couple things I noticed about your gig description…

You switch from singular to plural.

“Because years of experience,…” did you mean “Because of years…”?

"…queue because I’ve a trained a team of writers…" did you mean " I have trained a team of…" or “I’ve a trained team of…”?

"…experienced in handling large amount of content creation." > “handling a large amount of” or “handling large amounts of”?

Great quote at the end of the description!

Hopefully some of that will help,


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