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Messages that were marked as Spam by Fiverr on the App


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I had a message notification from tonight on my phone but could only see the first few words on the message list and on clicking the message nothing at all from it, not even the bit from the “preview snippet”.

On desktop then, I could see that the user had been blocked by Fiverr, so I could unspam it and reply (didn’t seem like spam at all but a legit request, so maybe they sent it to too many sellers to trigger the spam automation Oh and, by the way, that person you blocked for spamming, had one of those fancy buyer crowns, Fiverr. 😉 ).

However, on the phone app, there was no indication that this message had been marked as spam/user had been blocked.

I don’t know if it’s a bug or something is missing there in the app programming, either way, the app should show the same as the desktop, so we know what’s up with those “missing messages” when we only have access to the app.

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Don’t forget to take screenshot of this message that buyer has been block. If your response rate drops because of it, you will have proof for CS…

Also, it could be, as you said, that they copy paste same message to multiple sellers and it was marked as spamming. Or it could be bug (surprise, surprise… lol)

But, yeah, take screenshot just in case

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