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Halloween Quiz


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With Halloween creeping up, we’ve got a week of tricks and treats planned!

Brush up on your Halloween trivia as we get ready to put you to the test.

Every day, starting tomorrow, we’ll ask one Halloween question a day on Facebook. Answer the question correctly and you stand a chance to win Fiverr credit.

That’s not all. There will be an additional chance to win, with a daily bonus question on the Fiverr Forum.

So keep your eyes open and get ready to win with Fiverr.

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Only slightly off topic… I was recently left a booklet from The Jehovah Witnesses about Halloween. It was encouraging people to celebrate in ways other than dressing up as ghosts and ghouls.

There were 2 things about it I found interesting. One was that they show a picture of an alternate activity which is a Mom laying in bed with her daughter reading a book. I was thinking to myself. Is that really the best alternate activity someone could think of? I might be able to entice my son away from trick or treating with something but I don’t think reading a book would cut it.

The other thing was that the booklet closed with saying “Don’t be persuaded in engaging in these sinister activities”. I thought that was awesome! I don’t see the word sinister used in earnest very often!

Just so everyone knows this isn’t about knocking anyone. I keep an open mind and took the time to read the whole booklet. There was a decent amount of information about the origins of Halloween. I just wanted to share those 2 tidbits.

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