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Low sales low sales for last 6 days


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Hi @cmastro10,

low sales for days or weeks at a time are not uncommon - you will get over it.

Just keep up with the updates of the algorithm and you will be okay. Are you in translation? Maybe you didn’t update your gig to meet the new requirements.

new requirements? I did not update about it. may I know what are they?

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How did June 2018 compare to May 2018?

Did you earn more or less in June compared to May 2018?

Please fill in the poll (you can add a slight amount to the June amount to account for the slight difference in number of days).





Earned more in May 2018 than June 2018

Earned about the same in May 2018 as in June 2018

Earned more in June 2018 than in May 2018











Do you think the differences in earnings are likely to be due to Fiverr changes on the site (such as search filters or s…


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