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Monday Dec 3 Topic of the Day: Why I requested a gig be removed from Search!


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This post is as much about an advanced seller strategy as it is a huge praise and appreciation post for the Fiverr support staff at ZenDesk.

While, like anyone, I can grow a little weary of the “programmed responses” to inquires… Objectively, the Fiverr support staff seems remarkably empowered, capable and ready to help! Well done all around.

Today, I put in a request with no idea if it could be done. And it’s an odd one… I asked that one my gigs be REMOVED from search!

Now that about that, it means my gig will not be “found” LOL

Why on EARTH would I do that?

Well, it’s because it’s a private gig.

This is also very instructive on the way to increase your unit of sale on Fiverr.com

Unit of sale is the amount you get on a given order. So, if you have no gig extras, your unit of sale is $5.

However, I’m not willing to write a sales letter for $5. That’s why I have a critique gig.

(Here’s the link for instruction not offer: http://5rr.cc/s/3p380h

As you’ll see, this offer itself has some upsells. A Very simple one for doing a more detailed critique on video and one if the site is an ecommerce site, because usually to do the critique there I have to click multiple links. There’s also a “I need it fast” option.

However, there’s nothing about rewriting copy there.

The number one reason, I only want to “offer” copywriting to people who want to say “YES” and … for people for which I know a) will get a phenomenal sales letter from me, b) I believe in their product or offering (I don’t want to write a sales letter for say a lottery system, and c) people who I enjoyed in the early stages (why upsell to an upsetting person)

So that’s why my gig for copywriting was removed from search. NOW when someone ASKS ME how much to rewrite or create a new sales letter for a new product, I’m able to send them to a PRIVATE LINK and make a right sized quote. BUT people don’t “stumble on it” and order thinking I’d write them a sales letter for $5 🙂

Are there gigs you should pull out of search?

Did you know you could do this?

Are you surprised a seller would ASK to be removed?

Do you disagree with my thinking or does it make sense to you that I’ve pulled it out of search.

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