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How can promote my gig ranking


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some people claim SEO will have a dramatic effect on gig rankings. In my experience, getting reviews is the only thing I’ve noticed improve mine. It might be easier if you lower your prices a bit to get those first orders. Give top notch customer service, and everything possible to please those first customers, and you can get the reviews that will bring more orders and improve rankings.

One thing that might help is if you make additional gigs promoting your logo to specific industries. which type of business do you prefer to make logos for?

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5 minutes ago, akashhossain99 said:

My gig impressions and clicks are down day by day. I also shared my gig in social media. But never improve and I can not get any order yet.

Would you please help me, to improve impression and click with get order.

Check my gig link:  https://www.fiverr.com/share/4XBGpy

and let me.

Did you really just copied this topic word for word?

You're a level one seller with an order in queue and 40 reviews, you're entitled to ask for advice just like everyone else is, but this just looks like you're trolling honestly

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  • akashhossain99 changed the title to impressions and clicks are down
46 minutes ago, azadfardin01 said:

¿Realmente acabas de copiar  este  tema palabra por palabra?

Eres un vendedor de nivel uno con un pedido en cola y 40 reseñas, tienes derecho a pedir consejo como todos los demás, pero parece que estás trolleando honestamente.

I tend to see this action repeatedly lately. I think that many in their desperation to promote themselves end up falling into the absurd SPAM but they do not understand that here most of the users are sellers.

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