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Fiverr iPhone app and buyer requests

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I am finding the buyer requests on Fiverr app to really need a bit more work to be useable

I have been trying as hard as I can to use it but for someone working as a designer it’s really tricky

1st point
Why are the attachments not available in the iPhone app and why no engine to render those pictures in preview like in everywhere else on Fiverr (we spend enough time checking out these jobs and need more help to choose the ones which are relevant)

2nd point
Why can we not see what we offered in old buyer requests

3rd point
Why is what we offered not summarised in our first chat with new buyers

I think this should be so much easier to use

I also think the general chat feature has much improved recently but why isn’t it a lot faster to notify using something like mqtt like Facebook uses for its messaging protocol

Messaging needs to be super quick on this platform for sellers to deliver professional service

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