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Recently, very dissapointed of Fiverr


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Recently, i got contacted by more and more scammers. I got sick of this. Many of them requires discounts for big jobs (my minimum gig of android programming is 25$, they want even discounted price, even is the first job i do for them). A lot of people also try to scam me, meaning during the order all is good and they are excited about the results, and at the end “the job is horrible, please cancel this order”. And if i refuse the cancel, the fiverr support cancel it without hesitation! They even canceled one of my orders completed 2-3 months ago, because the buyer “wasn’t around on time to say that the order is not good”. And i end to work for free / my wallet here to be on negative value. It’s just very annoying.

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I noticed you have quite a few reviews stating that the buyer was disappointed with the end result. We can’t evaluate the quality of your work and we don’t know what the buyers expected, but I think you can improve this situation by setting the right expectations yourself.

For example, you gig description says

I will create your app based on your requirements.

So basically you’re promising to develop any app user wants for $25. They can order your gig without knowing what you can or can’t do. And once they order you gig there’s no turning back. You can either take the bad review or cancel which will impact your ranking and what not.

If I was in your shoes I would pick a very specific niche, outline the details of what you can do and strongly insist that buyers contact you before ordering. Once they contact you can give them a discovery form or something similar to fill out before you even start scoping the project.

Now, I did notice that you have some FAQ’s, but those are rather vague.

Keep in mind that at this price range you’ll get buyers who might not know anything about apps and they simply make the request without even understanding how much work is involved. They expect to get a lot for $25 and your gig description doesn’t have many limits either.

I don’t develop apps, I build websites, but I bet the project management process is not that different.
I always send my clients a discovery form with 15-20 questions to make sure I understand their primary and secondary objectives…
I always send them a detail proposal (often 15-20 pages) outlining exactly what I will do for them.
And only when they understand & accept my proposal I send them a custom offer.

You might think this is a lot of effort, but actually it isn’t at the right price range. If you want to work for $25 then you need to productize your gigs. Establish clear goals, requirements & limitations. That’s the only way you can sell at such a low price without doing any discovery work.

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