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The REAL facts about purchasing Facebook Likes. Point/Counter Point. Questions, Ethics and TOS


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OK. Let’s put this puppy to bed. Once and for all.


IF YOU’RE A NEW POSTER at least read this ORIGINAL POST before commenting. (Ya. Like that’ll happen. LOL)


Okay. First. Purchasing Facebook Likes is NOT against their Terms Of Service. Well, kind of… Sort of. Depends on what you actually purchase. I’ll get into that in the second category of this post.

CATEGORY 1: The ‘Real Benefits’ and then the uselessness after. Again, this applies to real likes, read Category 2.

Buying Likes actually can benefit a page. And I don't just mean the inflated numbers. Pages that have a load of likes actually have no benefits after a set amount, unless at least 25% of the likers are somewhat active on a page. There are debates on the actual number, but most people think once you hit the 2500 Likes mark, the 25% rule kicks into effect. If you have 10,000 likes and only show 5 people talking about your page... there's a problem.

However, for pages with lower numbers (200 or under) here are some real benefits.

- Grab your custom, vanity URL.
- Great for initial SEO/Search purposes on Facebook.
- Helps your page grow organically. How? Let me put it this way. If you're looking to eat dinner. You see 2 places to eat. Side by side. One of the places has 25 people, and the other place has 1 person. Where are going to go eat? Probably the place with 25 people. Why? Nobody wants to be the first person in the door. Going to a party? Which one are you going to? The party with 2 people or the party with 50 people? Anyhow, the point is that having a base set of likes helps your page grow because nobody wants to be the first liker.

I never recommend a likes service to a page with more than 1000 Likes. Why would you need it? But a page just starting out... A little push helps.
CATEGORY 2: The REAL TOS deal. What actually breaks them and what's actually OK.
Okay. The confusing part.
Purchasing Facebook likes is NOT an ethical debate. THIS topic is not an ethical debate. For me, buying Likes is no different than placing a newspaper ad for something. Or flyers on cars, or a commercial/radio ad.

So. Here we go.

Buying Likes is not against the Facebook TOS. However, buying 'Bots' or spamming to promote is against their TOS.
I will show my cases in point, below. But, onward. As a page/brand owner, you are allowed to purchase any service you wish to help promote your Facebook page/brand. Yes. You will find references to saying that purchasing likes is not allowed, on Facebook. But, if you dig a little deeper the 'Purchasing Likes clause' is actually referring to purchasing 'Bots', fake likes, or spamming to get likes. A likes generator, a fake account, a bot generator (Program that creates fake accounts which then like pages) are all against the TOS because they are not real accounts, and skew Facebooks own value.

But. Buying real likes IS just fine and doesn't break of the TOS.


Facebook themselves sells Fan Page Likes. (Kind of hard to make buying likes against the TOS when you do it yourself)

Do you have a Fanpage? Notice the 'Boost Your Post' tabs all over the place?
Notice the 'Get More Fans For Your Fanpage' on the right of your Facebook profile?

Facebook sells their own likes. How do they do it? Simple. They promote your page to real people. They don't spam, it shows up in ads across Facebook. The key thing to remember here is "Real Accounts". Not Bots.

How about Coke-Cola? When you see TV commercials with slogans like: "Like our Facebook Page" do you think they're breaking the Facebook TOS? Facebook doesn't get paid any money for these. The Marketers behind the Coka-Cola ads gets paid to get likes to Coke's Facebook page. Are they breaking Facebooks TOS? No. Of course not.

Any website you come across that has a "Like us on Facebook' ad. Are they breaking the Facebook TOS?

How about Fiverr themselves. There are Fiverr ads all over the internet with a link-back to like their Facebook page. Facebook isn't getting paid for this, Fiverr is paying for it. Are they breaking Facebooks TOS? No.


The problem and confusion comes from Bots/Fake accounts/Like generators.

And the bigger problem, here on Fiverr is that 90% of all gigs selling Likes.... Sell 'Bot' likes.

When you read stuff like: "My likes all went away after a day, or a week". Or stuff like: "Everyone un-liked my page after a month/day/week". That's a red flag the seller uses 'Bots'.

What happens is that Facebook finds the 'Bot' accounts and deletes them. So anything liked by the Bot account becomes un-liked... because the account is deleted. It's not a matter of people un-liking your page after 2 days. It's because it wasn't a real like to begin with. And that, is against the TOS.

So. In a nutshell?

Buying Likes is fine. If they're real accounts. And, if people arn't spammed into liking the page.
You can't make it against the Terms Of Use to do so, because then anyone who's every marketed anything would be in violation. You couldn't pay a marketer to promote your page. No commercials. No magazine ads with 'Like Us On Facebook', nothing. It would all be against the TOS because you'd be paying a third party to get yourself Facebook likes.

However, spamming people. Buying likes from likes generators or Bots? That's where the violations happen.

Looking for Facebook likes? Read the feedback of the seller.

And, if anyone has any legit questions. Please ask. I have a slightly inside view of this topic.
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Guest merileep

Some good points. And you’re right because nobody would be able to pay anyone to campaign for their pages. But. The problem is that every gig on fiverr uses bots. And I couldn’t help but notice you sell likes. 😉

So. If you don’t sell fake likes then how do you guarantee you’ll get 50 in a day? I’ve had my facebook page for over a year and only have around 80 likes. So how can you promise them in a day if you don’t use bots?

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@merileep - Good point.

Basically, in it’s simplest form, I use a system I’ve developed over the last 5 years.

I have a private forum. I post fresh links 4 times a day at certain times. (3 on weekends)

My group knows when I post fresh links and that’s when they go on the forums.

Then, they go down the list of fresh links. And as they like the pages, they also like the post on my forum. When the post on the forum has 50 likes (My gig is for 50 likes, and my max is 100 since that’s all the people I safely have), anyhow, once the post has 50 likes it’s removed automatically because it means 50 people have liked the page. I don’t just do this on Fiverr, although Fiverr has become a huge revenue for me. LOL

Anyhow. So. Ya. I cheat a little. However, I don’t spam. Everyone knows what they are doing and get’s paid or compensated for it. And, they’re real accounts.

However, I don’t hide the fact that these are NOT real fans. But they are real likes. You can’t buy an active Fan, even if it’s a real account. Most of my guys hit the like button without even looking at what they liked. They them move on to the next one as fast as possible so they can make more.

Over the years, I’ve even had members of my group contacted by Facebook staff. My guys just say: Nope. Wasn’t spammed, I just like a lot of stuff. And that’s it. You can’t penalize someone for liking a lot of pages. That’s what the like button is for.

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