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How I became Level 1 Seller in 1.5 months?


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I’ve joined fiverr in 2016. In fact just made profile but could not work over here due to my studies. Then after my M.phil I’ve tried to open my old account and successfully do so cause someone advice me to start work on old one besides making new one.
So I made my first gig on 17 may 2018. And made six in next 3 days. Then I started sharing my gigs on social media and fortunately I got my first order through social media and then going on and on. One of my gig is on first page and one is on second. I have less reviews than orders as some of my buyers gave reviews but these are not appearing on my gigs.
In next evaluation on 15 july, I will be the Level One Seller as all the requirement are about to complete.
You can check my gigs for guidance or ask me for any kind of assistance.
Thanks and Good Luck

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