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The many types of buyers from 6 years of fiverr experience

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We all know that cancellations happen mostly because of buyers who go haywire at the last moment or the ones who claim that ’ this was not what i imagined '. So before taking in any project, discuss. share and talk about what the buyer really wants. Here are some types of them…

  1. The all knowing, i just dont have time buyer - This type of buyers claim to know what they are requesting and will push you to the maximum limit to get things done.

  2. The curious and careful buyer - These buyer types are very curious and doubtful about what sellers can do and are always in doubt about any project they order. They end up with dozens of revision requests.

  3. The clueless buyer - The most dangerous of them all. These buyers usually have no idea about what they need or have in mind. They are a third party which carries the message over to their boss and to the seller. So basically these are not the " real " buyer of the order. Even if they are satisfied with the final delivery, their bosses may not be so okay with it. Therefore they might also end up requesting tons of delayed revision requests.Avoid any clueless buyer if you need to keep your cancellation rates low.

  4. Super buyers - They understand really well what a seller is capable of, what time frames and budgets go well and they always discuss prior ordering. These are kind of rare and will be long term repeat buyers.

So best to sort out which buyer is which as the first step. Unfortunately, the craziest ones wont even discuss prior ordering. they just whack it and explain what they want. ( mostly the budgets and time frames go mad on these).


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