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Advice for my gigs video


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For the “I will create artistic videos and audio for your brand” gig:

The “about this gig” section is in Italian but the rest of the page is in English. Maybe standardise the language or include some English in the “about this gig” section.

The video says “Here you can a brief description…” - maybe it should say “Here you can add a brief description” or some other wording. In the image and towards the end of the video there seems to be some text getting cut off (only a tiny bit of it shown at the bottom of the frame)

The gig “I will make this advertise video within 12 hours” - could be reworded. Something “I will make this video advertisement within 12 hours” or “video ad” or something. Also around 18 secs into the video it cuts to closeup of the presenter but the background stays the same, with the same slow zoom in. Maybe the background could change position when it switches to the close-up.

The gig "I will short and outstanding video adds " could have the title changed to something like “I will create short and outstanding video ads”. The gig video for this is good but having a specific person in the gig video may make it less relavent to promoting general music events. Maybe offer to have the buyer’s logo and/or image in the video.

The gig "I will this video for advertising your computer repair company " could also have the gig title changed as it doesn’t make grammatical sense. The text in the preview image is cut off a bit. In the video, maybe the text could be made to stand out a bit more against the background.

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