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How to get more sales ? and are my gigs bad?


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Create a better bio profile. Put a space between the commas and next word. Say why you are experienced. State your education, certification or experience. Leave out the line of dots.

Add a profile photo. Let people see that you are a real person.

Installing/fixing WP is a crowded field. Make your gig descriptions more descriptive and appealing to the eye. Explain the benefits.

Test and experiment with different tags for each gig. Include the tags in your descriptions.

Don’t use the same or similar photos for your gigs. Make each one unique.

Add a video of you explaining your gig

Good luck!

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Thx for reply. Any idea how to improve gig,profile description ? for pictures is better colorful pic instant of text on pic ? As most are attracted by colorful pic

Is strange when i opened fiverr acc. I got way more orders but all didn’t left review.

baclinking gigs help to boost showing in fiverr categories ?

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Well. They are selling and have positive earrings. You just have to give it some time.

Also if you want a gig to get more sales look at people who have gigs similar to you and beat their prices. Offer things cheaper and include more things.

Also try to be more unique that people similar to you to give buyers a reason why they you pick your gig and not someone who is similar to you.

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I have positive rating on all gigs too and 0 bad reviews.

So fiverr boost every new fiverr account ? as i had more gigs when i just open account.

Posting my URL on web pages will help me to boost gigs ? not from google but normaly at gig category.

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