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Hello there,
I am Ajay. I was a level one seller. For few reason fiverr was demoted me as no level. Fiverr asked me to keep rating more than 4.8, now I have managed 5. They asked me to keep respond rate more than 90% I have managed it to 100%. Overall I have done each and every requirements, for those fiverr was demoted me. But now they are not promoting me. Agent has told me to earn $400 to reach level one seller. But I was a level one seller without earning that amount. So, I think fiverr should promote me.

On the other hand, I have forced to earn more dollars but they are not giving me buyer request. If I have to earn more dollars then I need more buyer request. Unfortunately there is no buyer request has arrived on my buyer request section since last few days.

I am sharing my gigs on various social sites. Views, Clicks, social clicks and impressions are increasing day by the. However,I am getting no buyer request yet.

Really, that’s so disappointing for me. Please advise me, what should I do now?

Thanks in advance,

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