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Logo creator using copyrighted images - Awful 1st experience!


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So my 1st use of fiver involved logo design, The seller was reasonably cheap being $105 for 2 logo designs.

I was not happy with designs so requested a few revisions and then something looked familiar. I google image searched and found every logo design he used was taken from google images/ shutterstock.

after calling him out he made up an excuse that its a coincidence & after i pointed out angles and dimentions are identical he agreed to cancel the order. So i was refunded the cost but i still lost out on service fee that go’s to fiverr. Contactect support & tweeted fiverr over a week ago and not even a response so it seems they really don’t care.

A few years down the line i could have found myself in issues with copyright and realistically i would like fiverr to refund my service charge and ban this seller as others will no doubt be using copyrighted images without knowing.

Unfortunately this seller is a popular seller and it seems fiverr really have no interest as they are also profiting from this guys use of copyright material.

Anyone else had a similar experience?

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