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Fix the modify delivery option


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I haven’t really had a problem with ‘modify delivery’ until now, but I have noticed a few issues with it recently. For example, I am not given enough time. While I understand that it just continues the countdown from the order previously, this can be disastrous if I have only two hours left. See, I get off my laptop between 10-11p.m. Four out of 7 days, I wake at 7a.m. and head to school, and I don’t return home until 4p.m. That’s 16-17 hours of time that I just can’t get to my laptop and sort out any problems my buyers have, leaving the clock to run short. Not to mention, if a buyer asks for modifications again and again and again, the clock time is going to get shorter and shorter - I’ve had it drop down to as little as two minutes because a buyer hasn’t been happy with an exact shade of green or a misplaced eyelash.

There’s also the problem of, when I run out of time, a buyer can cancel. Even if I’m still working on it. Since I’ve already delivered the work and buyers only request modifications with small things (like aforementioned shades and eyelashes), if they cancel, they not only get the completed work, but they also get their money back. They shouldn’t be able to cancel if I’ve already delivered something. A buyer should only be able to cancel if a seller is late, NOT if they’re not happy with what a seller has spent time producing. That’s what negative feedback is for. While the buyers I have are very understanding, I know that one day there will be someone who is uncooperative and understanding of my need for extra time. I feel that 24 hours should be given to the seller, or a different system altogether be used.

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