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Fiverr verification -Own experience


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I am not fiverr seller but I am a freelancer and work in this industry last 11 years. I live in Bangladesh. About one month ago I sow lots of discussion in different facebook group regarding Fiverr and fiverr help in Bangladesh. Lots of people was anxious about verification. I have ask in several group , is there anyone faced this verification process yet. Answer was, no one faced this verification problem. I have requested some of my friends who are fiverr seller that If you will face any verification problem please let me know.

Last night about 1:30 AM one of my friend ********* have called me and told me brother, I just got the verification alert. I was sleeping that time. After here that, I just wake up and told him please open your team viewer I am opening my laptop.

After laptop open and connect to his PC I sow the alert of verification.

It is very simple alert which you will see under the Massage menu in Notification tab.

They have given 7 days for verification. I think if you can not verify that within 7 days same thing will happen which have occur during phone verification process. I mean, if you can not verify within 7 days they will disable your account (it is my personal opinion, not any fiverr official announcement. BTW, when I have told him for start verification, I sow they have given 2 option. By mobile device and by browser. You have to have a good quality camera whatever device you will choose. I have told him select browser. Then it will say for access your web cam. When you will allow that you will see webcam is running. They they will give you 3 different ID type for choose your ID verification. National ID/Passport/Driving licence. My friend have choose National ID. You have to show national ID in front of the camera and click the capture button. Here note: You have to show your national ID, You can not upload your Identity card to website.
After capture step -1 they will go to step -2 , at step -2 they will ask you for face verification. You have to go in front of camera and click capture your photo. Here also you can not upload your previous taken photo. After capture your photo you have to click next button then it will ask for submit. After submit they will verify your account.

_I think this verification process is good for market. Because lots of spammer present in market. It will clean the market and only verified account holder will get lots of work. Because lots of fake account will be removed and some of them are top rated too 🙂 _

Anyway, I think fiverr will ask all of the seller for verification shortly.


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I’ve never heard about a profile verification. Is it really exits now?

By the way, It will be a really good feature by Fiverr.

I’ve never heard about a profile verification. Is it really exits now?

It was tested on a very small number of sellers.

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