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2nd Gig Completed, Given 5 Star Review!


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Funny Story: When buyer ordered my gig, https://■■■■■■/jQs6xB, and sent required files, I was paralyzed. This was my first time doing this gig anywhere, and it appeared that the buyer was asking for a lot more than I could produce. My mind started racing and I began thinking OMGoodness!!! I’m going to have to CANCEL this gig. I haven’t even gotten started good at Fiverr yet, and now I’ll have a poor record, I won’t get anymore gigs, I won’t reach level 1, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…! I was panicked!😨

Well, after sending a clarification request msg and restating the terms of my gig, before he responded I saw that what he was asking for was not as complicated as I had thought. His files were actually quite organized and he had sent samples of how he wanted me to arrange his images. There was one request that I was not offering, but the misunderstanding largely was on my side. So, even though he asked for 1 small manipulation that was not included in my gig, my “crush-that-challenge” spirit had kicked in and I was determined to conquer it. It was a little bit more than I wanted to do, but by that time I wanted to try.

So I apologized about my misunderstanding and explained that I understood what he was asking for. I told him I had downloaded his files and was getting to work. I sent about 3 more quick msgs along the way to be sure I understood his requests. I had set the job to be completed in 3 days, and I delivered it to him in about 3 hrs.

He was SO satisfied and impressed!👏 He gave me a glowing review with 5 stars and msg’d that he’d look to add me to more projects. I returned the favor of a great review, because I was really impressed with how organized the info and files were that he sent.

So I’m so glad that I took on a task that I wasn’t sure that I could do, but thought that I could. It increased my skills and confidence. This experience also caused me to tighten up my gig description and FAQ’s to insure that there will be less chance of a misunderstanding.

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