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Review of Takaharu’s SEO Report

First, I’d like to thank Takaharu for coming through on his generous offer to draft an SEO report for interested parties.

Items that were asked to be provided to draft the report:

1.) The URL of the site you want evaluated.

2.) A list of up to ten relevant Keywords.

3.) The country you want to target

Below are the pluses, (and even with the best) the minuses of the aforementioned VMO System SEO Report.

SEO report length: 187 pages


The report was very thorough. You were asked to provide your site’s URL, up to ten associated keywords and the country that you were targeting.

Detail-oriented. What I liked, the report went through EACH and EVERY keyword that was provided and stacked it up against against your competition’s. What that means? The SEO report lists individually, as well as takes an overview of each competitor in your particular target market, that ranks on the first page (if you did a Google search-using your main Keyword). In this instance, it was LED tvs.

They took it even further. Each keyword (e.g. LED tv reviews) that was given, was used to show 1.) how effectively each competitor used theirs, 2.) how effectively you used yours in your website, 3.) how well you stacked up against your competition’s and 4.) how you should use your keyword to get the most impact.


As detailed as I said the report was, the only real downside for me was the readability factor. I wished it was geared more towards the ‘layman’. Meaning? Having the terms and implementation of the suggested solutions, be laid out in a way, that could be more easily understood by someone who may be a novice to Search Engine Optimization. So from the ‘newbie’ to the most experienced can benefit fully from the information given in the report.

Need reviews? Honest testimonials for your website, books etc.?


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thank you everybody for the nice comments and messages you send me. I know from your messages that you are all very pleased with the report and i would like to give it to more people but it is causing a major workload for me and i have to attend my giggs too

Therefore i will close this tonight at 0.00 GMT+1

Any requests for this free seo report will no longer be attended after that.

If you do want the report make sure to send your request before tonight and you will get the report in the next couple of days




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