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My Fiverr Story


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Fiverr is one of the best places to sell your products or freelance works. I have heard about this one year ago and did not believe that just a website can change the face of the online business!!

Yes, that is what it is happening… When I saw Fiverr I just signed up with the name wpseobuddy to check how it works. One of my friends saw this and he also did the same thing and kept his all time in Fiverr to push sales. At that time I saw his curiosity and thought that he is wasting his time… I met him last week and during our discussion on new business and new customers he gave me a shock … He asked me to sign up in Fiverr and create few Gigs. I think that “he is a poor fellow… He did not know that I did that One year before.”…

I answered to his question with a sarcastic laugh and replied “You fool I did that one year before”!!

The immediate words that came from him was "How much did you earn?"

For that I replied that "get any thing from that Fiverr for Just $5… I left that on that day only… Even though I left Fiverr they tortured me with some mails saying you got some message…"

My friend asked me "why did you take that mails as so silly?"

I said "I never believe that kind of websites."

My friend "replied that Fiverr is not a fool… You are the Fool…"

I said Why?

He said that he established a small company because of Fiverr.

I was shocked and again asked… He said because of Fiverr he started a new company with 10 Employees working for him… He is earning $200/day…

That is the time I realized and started working with Fiverr… I am not the best seller in Fiverr… But I get 2 orders max per day… Now I am a Level 2 Seller…

Just wanted to share my story with you guys because of Fiverr… I have just seen today’s Fiverr’s Super seller sharing his story about his success with Fiverr…

Thanks to Fiverr team for giving this fabulous opportunity… 🙂

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