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403 Forbidden Request


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I don’t know what would cause this. You can try a different browser. The forum isn’t going to have the answer since Support isn’t here. Anyone who cannot resolve the error will have to submit a Support Team ticket and wait. It usually takes about 1-5 days to get a response.

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I was trying to login to forum from Fiverr app, and my login is connected to gmail.

The same google login is working for app login but not forum inside the app. The error message is below.

  1. That’s an error.
    Error: disallowed_useragent

My android version is 8.

Anyone from the forum as the same issue?


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Well, Thanks all for your comments.

I have latest app installed, i also tried to reinstall it. some times i come across the situations to use it on mobile, and it is more convenient to use app than browser on mobile.

Anyway as this is not a critical situation, i should adopt to use the alternative ways.

Thanks all

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I’ve gotten that a few times and it means nothing. Don’t worry about it unless you get that often. It’s just a mistake on the fiverr server on some occasions.

I’ve encountered this error message before. My Solution: A simple “refresh” and kept it movin’.

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