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My GIG not showing up in any search result


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Hey Everyone!

I have a GIG related to wordpress website development. https://www.fiverr.com/hamza19971997/create-professional-responsive-wordpress-or-custom-websites

I have 5 tags. From my other laptop, I searched each tag one by one and I used filters “online and Country Pakistan”, Since I was online from other laptop and im from Pakistan, so it should have worked But I couldn’t find my GIG under any search tag I had provided in the GIG.

Any help?


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Yes I contacted CS, but haven’t received any reply from them yet.

Yes I edited the gig few times in past 2 days, can it be the issue? how can it effect its visibility on the search page brother? 😕


It can effect because its an immature step in the business manners and might be possible that it could be against terms and conditions.

Contact CS again.

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