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Success on Fiverr


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Hi everyone!

I’ve been on fiverr for 6 months now but my progress is not so good. People who started late after me are doing great but I do not even receive messages from people; orders are a next level thing. Can anyone please take a look at my gig and let me know that’s wrong with it or please share your success story so I feel a little relief. 😅

Thanks for your time.

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There is tons of helpful information here in the forum, especially as someone new asks almost the same exact question every day.

Short answer:

  • Create multiple gigs for different services.
  • Any service you offer can have a generic gig, and one that’s industry specific.

Advertise more services, and make gigs that cater to a niche.

6 months seems like a long time, but I can only assume you haven’t done a lot of work during that time since you only have one gig and barely look at this forum.

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