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How to get subsequent orders after getting first order?


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If you type “how to get orders” in the search bar above there are numerous posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

I have seen this but its not helpful. there is mention how to get first order which is good but there is nothing mentioned how to get subsequent orders or auto orders for new seller

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Hi Rehan,

Make sure that whatever services you have provided to your buyers, should be a quality service and satisfactory.

This will help you to retain your current client. And your rating/reviews will work for you to get more impressions and views. Then there will be a lots of chances to convert your views into order.
So keep trying and maintain a quality and satisfaction. Which can make you a different seller from others.

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Despite this being a necro’d thread

Your second-order happens exactly the same way a first-order happens. You have to match supply with demand. Be selling what a buyer is wanting (enough to part with cash for).

What I do think is that some get their first order through either:

  • Paying for it on the assumption that one 5-Star will make other orders appear. It does not, esp if (as is mostly the case) that review looks dodgy. In this case, there was no first order at all.
  • You got hired by someone who preys upon new sellers and while the job may have been worth it in some cases, mostly it is just like above. It is like a pity date, everyone knows it is not real, including real buyers. but still, it was a legit hire so you got something as they didn’t have to hire or review you.

If your first order came one of these ways, fine (well not fine but past can’t be changed) but now you need to start the real work of how to make a thing that other people want. This is exactly the same as when you are trucking down the street and see a row of food sellers. Are you hungry? If so why do you choose one food style over another? Why do you choose one seller of that style over another?

That is it. Work out how to do that in reverse to appeal to people who want what you got.


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