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Withdrawal / Refund Error?


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I am having issues with a withdrawal from fiverr.

Okay so here’s what happened, On April 9, 2018, I withdrawaled an amount of $xxx.00 to my PayPal balance. On PayPal it said I had to verify my account in order to receive it. To verify it I needed a bank account. (I’m 15 btw). So finally I got one and verified my PayPal account, keep in mind this 30 + days after the withdrawal of $xxx.

I contacted PayPal support and the lady said the payment of $xxx.00 had been returned to the seller/website. (Because it was pending for so long)

I have checked my Fiverr account and I haven’t received the money. Could it of gone back to the entire website/ company? Who knows. It seems like the money just disappeared ha ha. Any suggestions?

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