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Day 21: The Sales Drought is still there!


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I do not know what am i doing wrong? or the fault is on my end or fiverr’s but this is very unusual. My performance for past 5 Months have been amazing. its been almost 21 Days since my last evaluation i maintained my Level 2 but the orders have dropped drastically.

I have updated my gigs, Added new ones, Lowered my rates. Nothing seems to be working. I kept it cool hoping that it would pass.

But now i am starting to panic. Few months back i was even thinking of quitting my day job and do fiverr full-time and now all of a sudden i feel like holding on to my day job.

For over an year Fiverr has been my bread and butter. I have a baby on the way and i cant afford to loose my sales on fiverr.

Any Advice?

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Me too, sales dropped after getting level two, but I believe they will come. For me, the most orders I have been in the first 4 months of the year. After that, there are much fewer, but still not ending. See:


I also checked out your profile, it’s fantastic! Even, you have much more sales than me!

I am not a full time on Fiverr, I think you can’t live only with Fiverr.

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Brother, I will ask you not to do too much editing with your gigs. I mean dont edit them 3 times a week. Give some days for changes to work.
The most important thing on fiverr is to have patience and i guess same on any platform. From my 2 years experience i only say that sales will come but there will be days you will not get sales without any reason. So, just relax and work with your regular and old clients in such days to keep your business running.
Dont ever panic on fiverr your profile is doing great and you will keep earning. Just relax and give sometime.

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