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New Tips to Increase Sales on Fiverr

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did you get your gigs back? because I recently want to improve my gig but now it is gone because I edited it so many times. if you got back please tell me how because it’s really hard to get on the top 1 page and first on the list but now everything is gone because it is invisible.

After 48 hours you will get back in search and same position

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What is this supposed to mean? “Stay hungry” I get… but “stay foolish”? Foolish business owners rarely succeed. I’m not sure it’s wise to be suggesting that people “stay foolish”.

I’m always hungry and sometimes I act a fool. 😉 can’t be so serious all the time!😛

Be A sociopath, Be Heartless

I guess you can’t take it with you, he would have been the richest CEO on Earth.

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