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New on fiverr. Kind of. And some other things


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Hello, I’m kind of new here in Fiverr. Nine months ago I created my profile and publish my first gig (Line art) and believe me or not after 1 week I get my first order. Is this fast? I don’t know. So with my first buyer, I’ve done 10 or more projects, and for two months or so I have 7 reviews and 10 orders from more different people, but I didn’t take it seriously I didn’t update the gig picture I didn’t even put effort on this. And somehow I became seller lv 1 with 7 reviews, but at the time I didn’t have time to work on Fiverr and I leave it for months. After 3 weeks ago I promised myself I will refresh my Fiverr account. I update my profile pic and description. I delete my old Line art gig because I knew I want it to do more than line art for 5$. So I created my new gig (Logo Design) and this time I put effort into it I make more than 20 new logos and save the best for the gig, I make the description long and understandable, I make FAQ I’m even thinking to made video. But the main problem is that I can’t find my gig in the Fiverr search even if I copy my exact title. When I go to Newest arrivals there are sellers with 100,500 or even 1000k reviews. So I told myself, Its impossible buyer to find my gig if I can’t even find it and there are sellers with 1000k reviews. So guys how and where I can promote my gigs? With my first Line art gig, I was always on the first page of Relevance. And another thing I noticed that Fiverr count my own impression, views, clicks. I made an experiment one day I viewed my gig 10 times and the other day there are 10 more views, another day I didn’t even look at my gig and I have the same views.

When you are ready with this long text if you don’t mind check my gig and tell me your opinion: https://www.fiverr.com/dimitrov_d/design-premium-2d-logo

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