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Ticket sent but not sent?


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We need your help.
Someone ordered by mistake one of our gig and tried to cancel it. We tried 3 times to cancel that order but it still shows as an active order.
Also we tried to send a message to customer support and it doesn’t seem that they received our message. We can’t see the message under “My activity” and we also didn’t get that automated e-mail when you submit a ticket.
What can we do?

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Julian,

Some other people had the same issue, including me. These posts maybe of help:

Hello people, I am faced with an issue with one of my orders. I want assistance / mediation in cancelling this order because I can’t seem to be able to come to an agreement with the client. My issue is that when I try to contact support, a ticket is not getting generated (no ticket umber / no confirmation e-mail). I am simply getting a message which says that the request has been received by support. That’s all. my dashboard for support queries is also not getting updated. I feel helpless and…
Does anyone have an issue with requests not showing up in the “My Activities” section of Fiverr’s Help Centre? I sent a request and it said it was received but it’s not showing up (all my past requests are there though). This happened once before I simply sent the request a 2nd time, at which point it did show up. On the other hand, they tell you not to send a request multiple times. Should I resend it if it’s not showing up in “My Activities”?
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