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I Need First Buyer... For build my Gig


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pretty cool gig you’ve got there.

the first sale i got was a couple days back when i had been on the site for 24 days. I did the same thing with you with and told people on the fourm who wants to be my first buyer and got a message/order few hours after posting.

my gig states that i pay $5 per person I draw so if there were two people in the drawing that would be $10, however for my first client i gave the second person for free and that was very rewarding (even though I haven’t advertised it i told them privately) you can advertise and say for example you will give a +1 or +2 drawings for the fist person who want order your gig or the first two people and you might see the sales rolling in.

during my fiverr up to now I got 2 gigs ordered however i drew about 9 drawings and only two of them were off people who bought my stuff. so sometimes you have you do more free stuff for advertising, good luck!

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