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Help me with some tips :)


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I’ve started off with this gig where I offer custom, monogrammed handkerchiefs for both men and women. I’ve been fortunate to receive 14 orders so far an have maintained a 100% seller rating.

I would appreciate if you view my page and spread the word around.

Any tips on how can I improve visibility and attract more buyers would be awesome!

Looking forward to hear from you all


Applique M

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You’ve got a good unique gig there and it seems you’re off to a good start!

My tip would be to make the wording of your gig more precise. I’m guessing that Applique Monograms is a business name but you may want to consider starting of with something like "Hand embroidery is a passion of mine that I wish to share with all of you! Applique Monograms handkerchiefs serve as memorable gifts for your loved ones as well as a welcome everyday accessory! "

“Before starting to work on your gig, I will email you the image of the monogram style I will use and together we will decide on available options for the design.”

"If there are specific colors you would like me to use, please let me know. I have a variety of colors to choose from and will do my best to accommodate your request"

I hope that’s helpful,


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