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I give up with Fiverr support


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do me a favour and pass this on to someone who knows thier stuff about this, because it’s clear we’re getting nowhere. You guys have been wasting my time for 9 days now.

How ridiculous does that sound you asking me to contact my provider and check that eveythings ok.
I told you a phone verification with the Binanza Marketplace worked fine.

I have done most of what you want and the result is the same. (see attahment
The issue is not a chrome browser or not its the why does Fivver have 2 seperate fields doing a check against each other??
Why don’t you check against the phone number entered in the field in the Profile. If the user has entered the phone number incorrectly then he will have to change it.
At the moment if the number entered in the verify field will not recognise the number entered in the profile field then then it will never work.And that seems to be the case.

So I’m not bothered about using your services anymore.
You have failed miserably in your function of support, because you haven’t provided a solution.
I specifically asked you last time to provide a solution. Something like… we will call you at this time to to verify the number.
NOT…YOU call your provider, YOU change your browser, YOU empty your cache

I’m so dejected that I no longer care. You have managed to disillusion me so much that I will only tell others how incompetent you are.
I don’t don’t care. I will find another provider.
Just tell me how to close the account.

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